Such anger when I stick to speed limits

I FEEL compelled to write with regards to some people’s disregard to local speed limits.

Around town it is 30mph (except for some roads where it drops to 20mph). I stick to these limits at all times, day or night, weekend or week day. Not because I am a “goody goody”, or because I don’t want to receive a fine and points on my licence, but because these limits have been set for a reason by people who know what they are talking about with regards to road safety and I don’t want to hurt myself or anybody else.

However, some folk believe road speed limits apply to everyone else but them or only apply at certain times of the day. When they come across me they let me know their anger and impatience by either driving very close behind me, flashing their headlights or trying to overtake me at any opportunity (or a combination of all three).

I do not understand why they are so angry at me when all I am doing is obeying the Highway Code. I expect in all other areas of their lives, these same people would never break any laws. It’s just when they get behind the wheel of a car something alters their moral compass.

I annoy so many people on my way to work along the A39. I do 30mph through Coxley, 30mph through Walton and 30mph through Ashcott. I can almost hear their teeth grinding behind me. Sometimes I do pull over to let them pass. But if I let everyone through I would never complete my journey!

I just don’t get it. Why are folk in such a hurry all the time? Why are they so angry at me?

What is the answer? More speed cameras? Driverless cars? I don’t know. But please, I beg my fellow road users, stop trying to bully me off the road. I am going as fast as I am able.

Paul Wallenberg, Wells