Hidden gardens to welcome visitors

THE Hidden Gardens of St Thomas Street in Wells will welcome visitors on Sunday, June 9, from 2pm-6pm.

More than ten gardens not visible from the road will be open with teas served in Tor Street Gardens.

Tickets will cost £5 for adults and children can explore the gardens for free. It is cash only at this event and all proceeds will go to the mental health charity Heads Up at South Horrington.

Julie and Michael Bauer own one of the hidden gardens which will be open, and Michael said: “When we first moved here we were welcomed by 11 different people knocking on our door.

“Then we so enjoyed visiting their gardens we decided to open ours this year.”

On the day all the open gardens will be identified by balloons and the entry ticket will have a map showing all the locations.

Tickets will be on sale at Wells Market on Wednesday, June 5, and Saturday, June 8.

They can also be bought on the day at the top and bottom of St Thomas Street as well as the entrance to the street from Millers Gardens.