Survey launched as progress made in skatepark campaign

Bev Smith of Wells Skatepark Community Group reports on some exciting developments in the skatepark campaign

WE are very pleased to announce significant progress in our long-standing campaign for a new skatepark in Wells.

The location will be the existing site and Waitrose has generously granted us access to their car park in principle for the necessary works. We have also been in fruitful talks with Somerset Council and the Highways Department. Along with Wells City Council, all fully support this much-needed facility which echoes the community’s strong desire for a dedicated space for a new skatepark.

Thanks to the invaluable support from Matt at Orme Architects, who is helping us navigate the planning, and alongside Maverick, skatepark developer, they will be instrumental in the design and planning process.

As part of our desire to create a facility that meets the needs of all users which includes scooters, roller skaters, inline skaters, wheelchairs, skateboards and BMXs, we are launching a community survey. We urge all wheeled riders to participate and share their input. This feedback is crucial in shaping a skatepark that caters to everyone, from beginners to seasoned skaters.

The importance of this skatepark cannot be overstated. It is well documented that wheeled sports offer significant benefits for people of all ages, fostering better physical and mental health, community spirit, and personal development. A significant number of towns and cities in the UK now have at least one skatepark, and it’s growing, reflecting the sport’s importance for youth engagement which we need to embrace.

Given the ongoing removal of existing ramps in our current park, due to safety concerns and cost issues in replacing these style ramps, the need for a new facility is more urgent than ever. 

If you use or would like to use a skatepark in Wells please complete our survey which can be found here:

or on our Instagram bio @wells_skatepark, or scan the QR code here or on one of our posters around town – you have until July 7 to respond.

With the design phase on the horizon, our next step will be to re-establish the fundraising efforts and so we will be calling on the community to rally together and support this cause, ensuring we can create a skatepark that will serve as a hub of activity and enjoyment for years to come.

If you would like to stay up to date with the latest news, help to fundraise or support the project in other ways please get in touch: or follow us on Instagram @wells_skatepark