Children fascinated to see mosaic being put together

CHILDREN from St Cuthbert’s Junior School, Wells, were invited to visit the mosaicist Ruth Ames-White to see the progress of the Wells Mosaic, as it continues into its third year of making.

The children have been learning about the Romans, who were known for their mosaics.

Ruth talked through the painstaking process of making each section of the Wells Mosaic, before storing them carefully, ready to be fitted and eventually creating an enormous walkable mosaic of the city centre measuring six metres in diameter. Class Teacher and Art Co-ordinator Joy Shimmin said: “The children were fascinated in the detail and time involved to produce such an amazing piece of art. They were inspired to tell their parents and friends about their visit and look forward to seeing it completed when they are a little older.

“The children have been learning about Romans and visited the Roman Baths recently. It was great for them to compare old history with new history in the making.”