Taking lead in standing up for bus users

THE new lead officer of Wells Bus User Group (WBUG) has explained her vision for the role in the coming months.

Rosa Kell has been appointed to spearhead WBUG and says that she will represent the interests of Wells bus users young and old.

“My promises are to tirelessly work in the interest of the people of Wells who can’t get to work by bus early or on time or return home after hours on weekdays and at weekends,” she said.

“I will also be working for students who wish to continue their education at colleges and universities in our nearby larger towns and cities, and all bus users from the wider rural communities of Somerset.”

WBUG was set up in 2022 with the aim of working towards better bus services for Wells and the surrounding area.

Rosa has joined the Somerset Bus Partnership to give WBUG a voice in discussions about bus services, and plans to forge links with the parishes neighbouring Wells and as many bus user groups and Bus Champions as possible along the chain of travel on current bus routes.

She has in the past represented the 126 Wells to Weston-super-Mare bus users, and will now represent everyone, especially the 172/173/174 services to Bath, the 376 to Bristol, the 77 to Yeovil, the 75 to Bridgwater, and all the Somerset county sponsored services and the Slinky and community buses.   

“I am continuing to work on getting the Weston bus reinstated or at least connected to the North Somerset Network, and I am working with the Cheddar, Westbury-sub-Mendip and onward chain of Bus Champions and Glastonbury bus group representatives trying to extend a regular Monday to Saturday connection to Castle Cary railway station,” she said.

“I would like people to report back to me if they find damaged bus stops or old timetables, so I can get replacements,” she added.

To stay in touch, join the WBUG Facebook page or contact Rosa by emailing her on Rosakell@aol.com